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Cool down with us

Get fridge and freezer repair

Cool your jets with our freezer repair service

Is your freezer not keeping your food cold anymore? Are you noticing a warmer temperature when you open your fridge? Don't let your food spoil! Call Wel-Don Appliance Service & Parts to fix your refrigerator and freezer to make sure they are in working order.


Even a small temperature change can spell disaster. If you are noticing that food seems to be going bad a little early, or if your freezer is not keeping food properly frozen, we will help you figure out what is going on and save your food and your freezer.

We have parts and repair service

Do you just need to get the right part to repair your machine? Wel-Don Appliance Service & Parts sells the parts that you need to be able to fix your machine. If you know the part number and you have the model information, give us a call for help!

We perform:

- Freezer repairs

- Hose changes

- Refrigerator fixes

- Thermostat switching

Need to fix up an old deep freezer?

Interested in stocking up on meat or other groceries and need your old deep freezer to work again? We can repair the deep freezer and get it back in running condition. A deep freezer repair can save you money on a new machine and can save you money by letting you stockpile throughout the seasons.

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