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Have all of your appliances repaired

Your home appliances are important to the functionality of your house.  You won't have to live without them when you call the experts at Wel-Don Appliance Service & Parts. From washers, to dryers, to kitchen appliances and more, we have the know-how and the parts to repair all kinds of home appliances and equipment.


You'll get over 35 years of repair experience from the trained professionals at Wel-Don Appliance Service & Parts.  Don't deal with broken or malfunctioning equipment. Give us a call and we will fix it for you today!

Stop going to the laundromat

You shouldn't have to leave home to do laundry when you have your own washer. When you contact our staff for your washer needs, you'll get the most affordable prices in the area. Get your washer fixed as soon as possible.

Got a fix-it job?

Keep your food cold again

Need to keep your groceries from spoiling? Don't lose money because all of your food is going bad due to repairs need in your refrigerator.  Our refrigerator repair specialists will provide you with reliable, same day repairs.  

Get heat in the kitchen again

Don't lose time in the kitchen.  Ensure you have a properly running stove and oven in order to cook meals for your family.  If you are looking forward to home cooked meals again, call for oven and stove repairs. 

Get it done with our expert help!

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